"In the opening sentences, Neil French says he is not writing yet another book about How to do advertising. This is ridiculous: everything he writes is a master-class in how to do advertising. He never, ever, ever bores the reader. He might shock you, he might offend you, he might even piss you off royally, but he will never bore you. More likely he'll make you laugh or, on occasion, even get a little misty. Better than any other advertising legend I know, he puts himself, usually quite literally, into everything he writes. He makes every ad... and this book... an adventure."

Mike Hughes. President. The Martin Agency

"Delicious and totally decadent, just like a marathon lunch with Neil... with him firing on all cylinders. Honest, inspiring, entertaining... and necessary. He may well be the most interesting and authentic person in our entire industry."

David Droga. Founder. Droga5

"Here is a book no creative professional or student of advertising should be without. Written by one of the world's leading advertising writers, it skillfully captures the remarkable story of a man who has experienced the rich tapestry of life and all it has to offer. It's a fascinating read, packed with wisdom, insight and highly entertaining anecdotes."

Mark Tutssel. Worldwide Creative Director. Leo Burnett

"A book that needed to happen. Where could you find such a distillation of experience, of contradiction, of craft, of charm, of risk, of wisdom... of a life more lived? He has the ability to melt humor into emotion; you laugh aloud and then find you get goose bumps... like having rain and sunshine together. There are no false notes here. Just join in the richness, and the utter fearlessness of being Neil."

Prasoon Joshi. Copywriter, Poet, Songwriter

"If Neil French didn't exist, we'd have to invent him, if only to remind ourselves how boring our own lives have been! But also to remind us of the power of contrary thinking and the beauty of the art of advertising when practiced at his level. He's a hero to a whole generation of copywriters."

Bob Scarpelli. Chairman. DDB Worldwide

"Neil French is a storyteller. (Charles Dickens meets Ernest Hemingway). It's why you'd like sitting with him and a bottle of wine (or two) and mostly listening. It's why people like reading his ads, the long copy ones and the short copy ones. And it's why you'll like reading this book."

Lee Clow. Chairman. TBWA worldwide

"An engaging romp, as his career spirals from bullfighter to nightclub singer to club bouncer to porn producer, and finally hits rock bottom as an internationally-acclaimed Creative Director."

Jeff Goodby. Co-founder. Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

"With twice as many pages as David Ogilvy's classic, these are the confessions of a real advertising man. Packed with hilarious anecdotes, get-rich-quick schemes and sage advice, it's worthy of a Cannes Lion... and knowing Neil he'll probably find a category for it!"

Graham Fink

"An intriguing, engaging, funny, bellissimo book! And no matter what the Buddhist chaps say, Neil French is the living proof that you don't have to die to live so many lives."

Andrea Stillacci. President and Founder. Herezie. Paris

"If you want to know why Neil French is the most compelling advertising guru on the planet, come on a journey. From the earthy bowels of Birmingham to the sunlit uplands of Ogilvy and WPP, only Neil French could have lived it, and only Neil French could have written it. Lessons abound, as do laughs. But read beneath the outrageous yarns and self- deprecating wit, and you'll discover an uncompromising creative passion... and an awesome talent."

Jim Aitchison. Author.'Cutting Edge Advertising'

"Shamelessly honest, sometimes brutally so, in recounting his past and his present, he is the Godfather of Guerrilla advertising, and more relevant than ever! Love him. Hate him. Can't ignore him. Read him. He's the one and only Frenchie."

Piyush Pandey. Chairman. Ogilvy India

"He's the Jack Nicholson, the Keef Richards, and the Genghis Khan of advertising. Except that he can write a bit. (Here's one blurb that won't make it to the book!"

Name subsequently withheld by request

"I know of very few creatives who have managed to write one or two memorable ads during their entire careers. But there is just one who has not only written dozens of them, but who's also lived such a memorable life that it deserves a book. In a world filled with yes-sayers, consensus - seekers and 'team players', it's great to have Neil French."

Marcello Serpa. Almap BBDO. Brazil

"Neil delivers a wicked, hilarious swift-kick-in-the-ass to advertising and life. Then he picks them up, dusts them off, gives them a big bear hug, gets them drunk, and talks. And when he begins to tell you a story, you shut up and listen."

Ted Royer. ECD/Partner. Droga5

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